This meeting is for researchers at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers who are using, or want to be using, visualization in their research. If you are not at the University of Gothenburg or Chalmers and you are interested in connecting to visualization research in Gothenburg, please contact Daniel Sjölie (see below) for further information about potential collaborations.

When and where

October 5th, 0900 – 1600, Visual Arena, Lindholmen.


In order to strengthen the visualization research network in Gothenburg and further develop the benefits that Visualization Research Gothenburg (formerly Visual Arena Research) can bring to anyone using visualization in their research, we will arrange a research meeting in October. This will be the first meeting that targets everyone who works with visualization in their research. Previous meetings have had more narrow focus and selected themes. Now, we want to open up for broader collaboration and facilitate contacts based in a common interest in working with visualization and in the value of sharing challenges and potential solutions. An improved awareness of what other researchers at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg are working on and struggling with provide a foundation for practical collaboration and experience exchange, helping us take our visualizations further.

This workshop is designed to ensure that you have the best opportunity to discuss the issues that you care most about with others participants that have valuable competencies. The end goal is to connect the visions and strengths of everyone in the network and thus realize opportunities via collaboration in this network.

To accomplish this we will use an “unconference” format, where participants decide on location what topics they want to discuss in short group sessions. It may be worth noting at once that even though the sessions are divided into 30 minutes blocks in the program there is nothing stopping participants from continuing discussions on the same topic in consecutive sessions (e.g., Topic X part 2, Topic X part 3, etc).


  • 0900 Welcome and introduction to Visualization Research Gothenburg
  • 0915 Lightning round presentations (90 sec per person if there are 20 participants)
  • 0945 Introduction to Unconference
  • 1000 Identifying (brainstorming) Visions and Limitations
    • Connect to topics for following unconference sessions.
  • 1015 Break (coffee) and organizing into session groups
  • 1030 Unconference sessions, 3 x (25+5)
  • 1200 Morning summary
  • 1220 Lunch
  • 1320 Identifying (brainstorming) Strengths and Opportunities
    • Connect to topics for following unconference sessions.
  • 1330 Unconference sessions, 3 x (25+5)
    • Last sessions should start to summarize the topics of the day
  • 1500 Break (coffee)
  • 1515 Visualizing our opportunities (Summarize the day visually)
  • 1545 Wrap-up
  • 1600 End


As mentioned above, the topics of the unconference sessions will be decided by the participants on location and we will be flexible concerning, e.g., the number of groups and their size. You are encouraged to give some thought to what you want to prioritize beforehand. Demos and sessions focusing on particular applications are welcome.

To illustrate how we think about the unconference sessions, some possible themes are: Visualization in VR/AR, Equipment and infrastructure, Visualization using games, Visualization and human cognition, Dissemination of results, Architectural visualization. These are only examples! We expect you to advance the themes that you care about at the workshop.


In order to help us plan the workshop, including lunch and coffee, please register here: https://goo.gl/forms/Vg5kdMNWoz6VXld62


Please contact me if you have any questions about this workshop.
Daniel Sjölie, research coordinator Visualization Research Gothenburg

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Participant list and Unconference session themes

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