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Collaboration within Visualization

Visualization Research Gothenburg and Visual Arena have initiated this portal for exposing visualization projects and collaborations within the Gothenburg region.

If you are interested in joining in developing this collaboration, please contact Daniel Sjölie (!

Visualization Projects

Open PhD student positions at Chalmers

There are currently two open positions for PhD students related to visualization at Chalmers.

PhD student position in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with Application on Industrial Tomography

Any questions? Please contact Morten Fjeld, Professor of HCI,

PhD student position in Computer Graphics / Physics-based Animation

Please, contact Assoc. Prof. Marco Fratarcangeli for any questions,

Visualization Research Gothenburg

Interactive 3D Deformable Bodies

This project is about designing new data structures and algorithms to obtain more accurate animations of deformable bodies in real-time. This will be achieved by leveraging the computational capabilities of the graphics cards mounted on consumer-class PCs (GPUs). These devices have been designed to handle millions of pixels in parallel; recently they have been modified to compute generic scientific data and have proven to achieve 10X – 100X speed...

CIVIC - Construction In Vicinities: Innovative Co-creation

The research project CIVIC (Construction In Vicinities: Innovative Co-creation), executed by an international consortium consisting of scientists and practitioners, aims to enhance planning and processing of construction activities, considering the interests of all relevant stakeholders (municipal authorities, construction companies, employees, citizens).

Data Intensive Visualization and Analysis

A new collaborative project on Data Intensive Visualization and Analysis (DIVA) will be supported for four years by an EU FP7 ITN Marie-Curie grant. In this project, 6 partners from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, France and Hungary will joint efforts to advance the state-of-the-art in large scale (scientific) data visualization and interactive visual analysis. This project is aimed at the establishment of a leading European-wide doctoral ...

Mediated Effective Remote Collaboration

Today, team processes such as idea generation, complex decision-making, or expert-to-novice transfer of practical knowledge typically require the physical presence of all participants. This is mainly because today’s teleconferencing technology is unable to adequately capture, transfer, and display the mass amount of subtle information required for effective collaboration. As a result, many companies have rejected existing remote conferencing sys...

Data Fusion in Urban Modeling & Visualization

Data Fusion (carried out 2015-2016) has been an interdisciplinary pilot project on urban modeling and data visualisation, involving geo-visualisation, architecture and urban planning, transportation and logistics, applied acoustics, interaction design, and computer graphics. The core of this project was to bring different expertise together and explore various representations of geo-referenced heterogeneous urban data in 2D and 3D city models. Th...